American Junior Golf Association Performance Based Entry

The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) utilizes a Performance Based Entry process. This enables 12-18-year-old members to earn their way into AJGA Open tournaments based on performances at the national, regional and state levels. The player’s performance, not the AJGA, dictates acceptance into an event. The expanded opportunities to gain entry into AJGA events through success at the state and regional levels ensure all deserving juniors receive an opportunity to play in an AJGA event.

COGA Junior Tour presented by The Golf Room awards AJGA performance based stars for the following COGA 36 Hole events if the following criteria is met:

-AJGA Performance Stars for the following events:
Darby Creek  
Apple Valley

If field has 40 or more male players
OVERALL Boys Champion 13-18 = 1st place = 2 stars; 2nd thru 5th place = 1 star

If field has 12 or more female players
OVERALL Girls Champion 13-18 = 1st place = 1 star

More information about AJGA Performance Based Entry can be found by clicking here.